our recommendations

operational strategy

Functional and application master plan for the supply chain of a large retail chain in France in the textile industry.

Definition of the IS master plan and program management associated with the projects.

Coordination of the project to create an International Supply Chain.

Audit and roadmap recommendations for the deployment of an IS solution.

business transformation

Management of the international centralization project for the creation functions, collections, purchasing and distribution of Adult Lingerie products.

Business transformation plan as part of a project to automate a warehouse.

Optimization of the processes and tools for the management of Purchasing and the construction of commercial budgets.

performance management

Framing of decision-making projects: implementation of new dashboards, new indicators, new reporting model.

Framing of the functional needs of Comex management as part of the tools modernization plan (tablets, Microstrategy release, etc.).

Framing of the project for the implementation of a decision-making tool according to the Balanced ScoreCard approach.

business digital shaping

Support for the implementation of a sales force optimization model worldwide.

Framing and implementation of a Sales Information System in France and worldwide.

Diagnosis of sales and after-sales service functions.


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