luxury and watchmaking

our recommendations

operational strategy

Steering of an information system deployment project.

Standardization of the Information System processes for a production site, from framing to implementation.

Diagnosis and optimization of production flows in the field of watchmaking.

Flow study and scenario proposals for a new factory project.

business transformation

Management of the implementation of an information system for the treatment of production packaging.

ROI study on the deployment of a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) tool and its interfacing with an information system.

Steering the upgrade of an information system.

ROI study on the transfer of ranges in the information system.

performance management

Optimization of the Record To Report process: procedure for launching assets by component within the framework of the delivery of a new building, then migration of an information system.

Diagnosis and implementation of a convergence plan for the Costing model.

business digital shaping

Study and implementation of transport optimization with the deployment of an IS tool.



Environmental, Social , Corporate Governance and Risks

Implementation of compliance and security processes for the approval of delivery addresses.



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