performance management

Finance Function

Outsourcing project

Selection Assistance of CBS (Customer Business solutions) and ERP

Operational support

Performance measure

Data quality

Economic profitability analysis

Due diligence

Steering and forecast management

Reporting book and KPIs conception

Selection assistance of EPM solutions

Cost management and profitablity

your challenges

To improve the management model by promoting data and optimizing the monitoring with KPIs metrics and more efficient tools.

To expand the profitability in a sustainable way.

To optimize the assessment and reporting processes to shorten the set deadline.

To control costs and respect various deadlines.

To reinforce the quality of the information and to align the rules and management models.

Tomorrow's value proposition

To get up and running your support functions ( accounting, controlling, risks, …) throughout direct actions in a flexible time period.

To execute an outsourcing project and to support in a new tool selection.

To introduce data and value flow analysis.

To develop tailor-made management approaches that combine Functional dimensions, Data, Process and System.

To achieve a due diligence as part of a merger and acquisition transaction.

customer case examples

Implementation of a new Group chart of accounts.

optimisation reporting

Monthly reporting optimization

SI decisionnels

Master plan of the decisional information systems (EPM)

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